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What should students know about immigration and financial aid?

Undocumented immigrants in Virginia will undoubtedly have questions about how they can try to build a life in the United States. Some will focus on simply staying and avoiding deportation. For others, the goal is to attend a college or university. In addition to questions about their status, they will also want to know if

Did marriage equality come with divorce equality?

For couples, regardless of same-sex or opposite-sex, getting married is the same. The law treats all couples the same now, and this is the same, supposedly, for divorce too. However, due to the legal underpinnings and timing, same-sex couples that divorce face unique challenges that should be worked out now, not during a divorce. Stigmatization

What are employment immigration preferences for professionals?

The United States is widely respected for its opportunities. People from around the globe often want to come to the U.S. to live, work and be educated to take advantage of them. Employers in the public and private sector are constantly looking for experienced and qualified professionals in a variety of areas whether that is

What is a conviction, for immigration purposes?

Criminal convictions can have an enormous impact on visa holders, lawful permanent residents or anyone seeking status in the United States. While the idea of a conviction may seem obvious, like many legal terms, it’s more complicated than it initially appears. It’s all about good moral character Good moral character is one of the cornerstones

¿Incidirá mi divorcio en mi situación migratoria?

Todo tiene que ver con todo dicen muchos, pero ¿qué tanto de esta frase aplica a los casos de divorcios de inmigrantes? Si usted es un inmigrante contemplando divorciarse, residiendo en Estados Unidos, no se ha hecho ciudadano estadounidense, y ha hecho click en este post, muy probablemente se estará preguntando si su decisión de

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