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Will my K-1 visa be denied if I do not put the kids down?

 Posted on April 15,2024 in Uncategorized

The K-1 visa pathway, often referred to as the fiancé visa (and popularized by the television show, 90 Day Fiancé), serves as a gateway for non-United States citizens engaged to Americans to enter the United States for marriage purposes. This process demands meticulous attention to detail and absolute transparency throughout the application journey. One pivotal aspect is the acknowledgment of children.

Disclosure of dependents on K-1 visa petitions

While applying for a K-1 visa, the petitioner is tasked with completing Form I-129F, which requires the disclosure of any children. Neglecting to disclose this information has substantial ramifications for the application. United States immigration law mandates the full disclosure of all particulars, including dependents, as part of the visa application protocol.

Ramifications of concealment

Failure to disclose children on the K-1 visa application may be construed as misrepresentation. Such misrepresentation can culminate in visa denial and potentially invoke a permanent ban from entering the United States. It is paramount for applicants to recognize that candor stands as the cornerstone of the immigration process.

Ramifications on United States immigration

Should the non-disclosure surface after the issuance of the K-1 visa, it could affect the individual's prospects of acquiring a green card. Throughout the adjustment of status procedure, wherein the K-1 visa recipient applies for permanent residency, all details are scrutinized anew. Unveiling undisclosed children could be interpreted as a breach of immigration law, potentially resulting in the rejection of the green card petition.

Children's immigration via K-2 visas

It is imperative to acknowledge that children of K-1 visa applicants can immigrate to the United States through K-2 visas. Failing to disclose children not only jeopardizes the principal applicant's eligibility, but also forfeits the opportunity for children to seek K-2 visas.

Guaranteeing adherence to regulations

Applicants must ensure the accuracy and completeness of all furnished information. This includes the disclosure of all children, whether they intend to accompany the parent to the United States immediately or later. United States immigration policy underscores family unity.


The K-1 visa application process demands precision. The concealment of children represents a grave issue fraught with enduring consequences. Applicants must furnish comprehensive and truthful information to mitigate complications in their and their kid's voyage to the United States.

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