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Immigration & Criminal Law Can Sometimes Overlap

Virginia residents who are new to the United States are often wary of dealing with law enforcement.  This is understandable, but sometimes these interactions are unavoidable. According to the law, there are instances in which law enforcement officers need a warrant to make an arrest. In others, they do not. When officers are investigating certain

Tips for dealing with the stress of a DUI charge

Stressing out about your drunk driving charges is a normal response, especially when you’re worried about the ramifications it can have on your immigration status, that doesn’t make dealing with your situation any easier, but it can help you slow down and focus on the fight ahead. Although the prosecution is probably threatening significant penalties

Can you be deported because of a DUI?

Drunk driving is dangerous. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, 32% of all fatal traffic accidents in the state in 2019 were alcohol-related. In an effort to improve traffic safety, Virginia has some of the toughest DUI penalties in the nation. Even someone convicted for a first-offense DUI faces a mandatory minimum fine of $250 and

How can a criminal conviction affect my immigration status?

If you are an immigrant living in Virginia, you may wonder how a criminal conviction could affect your immigration status. The answer is not simple because different crimes and sentences may have different consequences, depending on your immigration status and history. However, some general principles can help you understand the potential risks. Deportation or removal First,

What are the potential charges for drug possession?

Drug use in Virginia is fairly common. Some use drugs legally with valid prescriptions, but many others use drugs that are either never prescribed by medical professionals or not taken with a valid prescription. When people do that they risk being caught possessing illegal drugs and being charged with crimes. The severity of the crime will vary

Can victims of criminal activity receive a U.S. visa?

The U.S. government places a priority on investigating crimes, and also on protecting victims of crime. The government issues a specific visa to meet these important objectives. Immigration status The 2000 Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act authorizes a type of visa status known as U nonimmigrant for victims of certain gender crimes and other offenses who

Las defensas más comunes contra las acusaciones de conducción en estado ebrio

Una condena por conducir bajo la influencia de alcohol o drogas es devastadora para cualquier persona. Pero para alguien que no es ciudadano estadounidense, y que está pasando por el proceso de la naturalización, una condena criminal tiene un impacto especialmente inconveniente, porque puede poner en peligro la posibilidad de obtener la ciudadanía para esa

Crimes of moral turpitude and deportation

The immigration laws in the United States are incredibly complex. As such, it can be difficult to navigate them and know, exactly, how divorce and criminal matters may affect your immigration status. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re facing criminal charges that you’re afraid may lead to deportation. That’s why it may be

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