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Gaining debt relief through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

Getting calls about the debts you owe makes you appreciate caller ID so much more. However, ignoring these calls does not mean your debt will be ignored. It is a stressful time, especially when you are constantly figuring out ways to pay these debts while also paying living expenses. When debt gets overwhelming, there are

¿Declararse en bancarrota es un privilegio sólo para los ciudadanos?

Uno de los derechos fundamentales que vienen de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos es el derecho de declararse en bancarrota. Esto significa que alguien que se siente endeudado hasta el cuello puede tener la oportunidad de empezar de vuelta y obtener alivio. Pero muchos inmigrantes a los Estados Unidos no saben cómo utilizar esta

How exemptions can give you stability post-bankruptcy

How exemptions can give you stability post-bankruptcy A lot of people are facing financial struggles. Inflation has increased their everyday bills, and unexpected expenses, like those tied to medical care, can quickly eat away at your savings. If you’re in that situation, you might be wondering what you can do to protect your financial interests.

As an undocumented immigrant, can Chapter 7 clear medical debt?

As the past several years have shown, illness can strike anyone in Virginia and across the United States without warning and leave them with massive medical expenses they are unable to pay. This can be even more worrisome if the person is an undocumented immigrant. There is a constant fear that they will be found

¿Qué efecto tendrá la bancarrota en mi estatus migratorio?

La gente que está en medio del proceso para solicitar la residencia permanente o la ciudadanía en los Estados Unidos quieren evitar cualquier tipo de problema que les pueda reducir la probabilidad de éxito. El proceso migratorio ya es bastante difícil sin algo que lo complique más. Por eso, muchos quieren saber si declarar la

Regardless of immigration status, anyone can file for bankruptcy

Whether you live in Virginia or anywhere else in another state and no matter what your immigration status, you are allowed to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you qualify. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the person who is filing to eliminate their secured debts. However, unsecured debts don’t fall into the same category and they must be

Am I allowed to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a non-citizen?

A Northern Virginia resident should know that they do not have to be American citizens or even permanent residents to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The law says that anyone who lives in the United States can file for a bankruptcy. Even a person who is not documented can file for bankruptcy. However, the person will

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