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As an undocumented immigrant, can Chapter 7 clear medical debt?

As the past several years have shown, illness can strike anyone in Virginia and across the United States without warning and leave them with massive medical expenses they are unable to pay. This can be even more worrisome if the person is an undocumented immigrant. There is a constant fear that they will be found

¿Que se necesita para ganar la compensación después de un choque?

La víctima de un accidente automovilístico sufre mucho más que solo lesiones físicas. También sufre daños emocionales y sicológicos, y su familia también. La justicia requiere que se compensen todos estos daños. ¿Pero cómo se gana esta compensación tan necesitada? Los cuatro elementos de un caso por negligencia Después de un accidente automovilístico, la estrategia

Crimes of moral turpitude and deportation

The immigration laws in the United States are incredibly complex. As such, it can be difficult to navigate them and know, exactly, how divorce and criminal matters may affect your immigration status. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re facing criminal charges that you’re afraid may lead to deportation. That’s why it may be

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