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What should students know about immigration and financial aid?

Undocumented immigrants in Virginia will undoubtedly have questions about how they can try to build a life in the United States. Some will focus on simply staying and avoiding deportation. For others, the goal is to attend a college or university. In addition to questions about their status, they will also want to know if they can take advantage of programs that are available to citizens and visa holders. These include college financial aid. Knowing what undocumented people can receive without it negatively impacting their status might require professional advice.

New Virginia law lets undocumented students get financial aid

A law addressing immigrants and in-state financial aid that was passed in 2021 has gone into effect in Virginia. With this new law, colleges in Virginia will let prospective and current students seek financial aid. This extends to those who have immigration issues such as being in the process of seeking asylum. This aid can be essential for many immigrants to attend schools of higher learning.

Many students’ immigration cases are pending, leaving them wondering what might happen. Being able to attend school and getting financial aid to do so is an undeniable positive. This new law was passed while another law had gone into effect in 2020. That law let students who had two years of high school in the state and graduated after July 1, 2008, receive in-state tuition assistance.

Students may want legal advice

People from around the world may want to come to the United States to take advantage of the education system and how it can benefit them in the future. If they are in the country as undocumented immigrants, there is understandable fear as to what might happen to them.

In Virginia, there are many well-regarded educational institutions and paying to attend could be an obstacle. For those who are hoping to receive state financial aid, this can be achieved by going through the proper channels. Still, there could be an innate fear for those who are hesitant to reveal their status. Knowing the law and how they are protected from reprisal is vital.

Because the topic of immigration is so polarizing today, it is imperative to understand the process as to how prospective residents and citizens can remain in the United States, go to school, seek employment and move forward. For advice with getting financial aid, it is useful to have experienced advice and representation.

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