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Can you prevent an international child abduction?

Your split from your ex may have been anything but harmonious and this acrimony can bleed over into child custody disputes. If your ex is from a foreign nation, they may try to abscond to that nation with your child even if doing so violates your child custody order. There are some steps you can take to try to prevent such situations from happening.

Prevention measures

If you think your child’s other parent has your child and is going to take your child out of the country, you can try to obtain a court order preventing this departure. The police may not be able to do anything to help you if you do not have a court order.

If your child’s other parent does abscond abroad with your child, you can contact the police and ask that your child be listed as a missing person in the National Crime Information Center. You can also contact airlines and airport police. The United States has no exit controls so if your ex uses a plane to abscond with your child, they need to know that you have a court order prohibiting travel.

Abduction prevention can help

Abduction prevention measures work well if they are taken in a timely manner. In addition to contacting the police and airlines, you will want to contact your attorney. An attorney can help you with the court documents you need to protect you and your child.

Knowing your ex has taken your child overseas without your permission can be scary. You may wonder what you can do to help your child be safely returned to you. Taking the above actions along with any other rights you have under U.S. law and international law can help you address the situation in a way that allows your child to safely return home to you.

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