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Fewer immigrants want to be in the United States

For a very long time, people from other lands have had a dream to come to the United States to live and work. They believed that making such a move would improve their life and the lives of their family members. In many cases, their dreams came true. However, in some cases, their dreams were shattered and they even started to think that their life would be better if they returned to their original country.

Not only did the United States benefit immigrants from other lands but the immigrants also benefitted the United States because of the hard work and diverse culture that they contributed to the county. The volume of people coming into the country continued to increase for a long time but now it is going down, not up.

The statistics are changing

According to U.S. Census Bureau, the country’s population only increased by 0.1%, which is the smallest increase since the Bureau’s beginning in 1790. There are likely many different contributing factors involved with the low population growth, including diseases, people dying out in specific population-laden groups, people dying from substance abuse, suicide and other factors. In that regard, immigrants help to increase the population, which is why the United States should become attractive to them again.

Solid population growth has a lot of benefits for the United States. Immigrants are valuable in the workforce as a whole and contribute a great deal to caring for children and older people, not to mention their contributions to various industries from an intellectual, creative, and competitive perspective.

What can be done to improve the situation?

Advocates for immigration say there are many different ways to boost the number of immigrants who wish to settle in the United States. Helping them to enter the United States legally is one way. Another is encouraging people to expand their families, which will give them many more rights automatically. Another is offering quality education and other benefits that take care of their children so that they can work and support their families. Of course, another appealing offer is health insurance for them and for their families.

In one respect, the United States is in better shape than other countries as far as population growth is concerned. Some countries are experiencing negative growth whereas the United States’ population is still increasing, although not by very much at this time.

Valuable advice from a knowledgeable Herndon, Virginia, immigration lawyer

If you are from another country and wish to come to the United States so that you and your family can have a better life, it may be really valuable for you to consult with a Herndon, Virginia, immigration lawyer, who can offer you valuable counsel. You may find that you are facing several legal hurdles when it comes to your immigration status and the lawyer can help you to navigate the process and can help you to protect your rights for a hopefully positive outcome.

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