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Will my K-1 visa be denied if I do not put the kids down?

The K-1 visa pathway, often referred to as the fiancé visa (and popularized by the television show, 90 Day Fiancé), serves as a gateway for non-United States citizens engaged to Americans to enter the United States for marriage purposes. This process demands meticulous attention to detail and absolute transparency throughout the application journey. One pivotal

Immigration & Criminal Law Can Sometimes Overlap

Virginia residents who are new to the United States are often wary of dealing with law enforcement.  This is understandable, but sometimes these interactions are unavoidable. According to the law, there are instances in which law enforcement officers need a warrant to make an arrest. In others, they do not. When officers are investigating certain

Three steps for building a successful case for alimony

Your financial well-being is at stake when you go through the divorce process. If improperly handled, the property division process can leave you without the assets you need to be financially stable post-divorce, and an inadequately prepared case for spousal support can leave you without the monthly support that you need to stabilize yourself until

Inmigración: Barreras condicionales al buen carácter moral

La determinación del buen carácter moral es una parte importante en el proceso de naturalización para quienes desean convertirse en ciudadanos estadounidenses. Esta evaluación puede ser complicada por la presencia de barreras condicionales en la ley de inmigración de los Estados Unidos. Este proceso implica que las autoridades revisen su historial penal (enlace en inglés) para determinar

Tips for dealing with the stress of a DUI charge

Stressing out about your drunk driving charges is a normal response, especially when you’re worried about the ramifications it can have on your immigration status, that doesn’t make dealing with your situation any easier, but it can help you slow down and focus on the fight ahead. Although the prosecution is probably threatening significant penalties

What are my options if I get into a car wreck on the job?

Many Virginians drive vehicles as part of their jobs. Aside from truckers, delivery drivers and other professional drivers, many others are expected to travel between worksites or to visit customers. Whenever a worker drives for a living, there is also a chance they will get into a serious motor vehicle accident while they are on the job.

How might my immigration status affect child custody?

If a non-citizen living in Northern Virginia suddenly finds themselves facing a custody proceeding, they may worry that the other parent or the court may use their immigration status against them. The good news is that immigration is not a factor Virginia courts consider when deciding custody or parenting time. This is true even if a person

¿Una condición de salud puede afectar mi estado migratorio?

Cuando se trata de obtener la ciudadanía en los Estados Unidos, pueden surgir muchas dudas. Una pregunta relevante está relacionada con las condiciones de salud del inmigrante. Para ayudarle a entender un poco más los requisitos de su solicitud de naturalización, compartimos información importante acerca de las condiciones de salud y otros temas que pueden

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